Sunday, November 29

Please put sunrise on my schedule!

You have a schedule at every stage in your life. When you are a student you have a schedule. When you grow up and start working you have a schedule. Irrespective of whether you are a housewife, working male, struggling worker or a retired romeo, your life revolves around schedules which you stick to and these schedules changes at every stage in your life.

I was a morning person in my school days. For a few months when I was in Class X, I used to get up before sunrise and go to my building's terrace and watch night turn into day, see the moon go from being the brightest object in the sky to almost invisible in a matter of minutes, see stars for a few minutes even after the sun was out, see the sky change color from black to purple to orange to yellow and so many shades of all of these colors every single morning.

My schedule changed when I joined college where getting up early in the morning was no longer a priority. I started loving the sunsets then. At one point I used to work for a BPO so I used to work all night and sleep all day and had no chance to catch the sun rise or set. After college, I started working and have been working for employers who do not insist on me coming to work at 9 am sharp. That gives me time to sleep past sun rise and work is never done even when the sun has finished its duty.

I was in KL this September (2009) for a quick weekend travel and my return flight was a 730 am flight if I remember. I had a long taxi ride on my way to the airport so had to leave the hotel at about 6 am. I caught the sun rise that day. It was special because it had been a few good months / years since I saw this beautiful sight. My camera was in my bag which was in the cab's hood so I clicked a few pictures from my cell phone camera. The pictures below do not do justice to the beauty of that morning.

I would love to become a morning person but getting up earlier than usual on a working day is becoming too much to ask for given the fact that I do not sleep on time but I am sure one day when things in my life change, my schedule will force me to become a morning person and I will get to catch the most beautiful sights of the night-morning sky again and again and again.

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wild wings and open skies. said...

its a lovely capture! I have always enjoyed mornings too, and wish that someday, my body wouldnt feel so tired during those early hours when life is at its peak.

:) A great post jituu :)