Monday, March 28

"I live in a pink handbag"

"I live in a pink handbag", originally uploaded by G2clicks.

There is a saying which goes like this:

"Never check women's handbags. You never know what might pop out."

This cute little thing popped out of a girl's handbag in Bugis area when I was out with my buddies.

I hope that the dog is trained not to poop or pee in the handbag. :-)

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Sunday, March 27

Double Rainbow!!! No way!!!

Double Rainbow!!! No way!!!, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Singapore weather changes very fast and today evening was no exception. I was indoors playing pool and when I came out I saw a rainbow. We took out the camera and took a few snaps. A very normal evening.

I came home then and put pictures online and look what I saw. DOUBLE RAINBOW. We did not notice the second rainbow while snapping the photo but on the computer screen, you can clearly see a faint second rainbow to the left.

If you don't know why double rainbow is so significant, you should search for it on YouTube.

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Come pick me up :-)

Come pick me up :-), originally uploaded by G2clicks.

My dear cycle has been sitting idle in the office parking lot for more than 2 weeks now. I haven't cycled since then because of the rain or a busy time at work or something else.

I am thinking of going to the office on this lazy Sunday to pick it up. The cycle has been singing 'come pick me up' for a while now and I think today is the day.

Btw, me and my bro did this experiment at Pulau Ubin where we used sand instead of the cycle stand to make the cycle stand.

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My SUPER MOON, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I was a little busy when Super Moon was out there raising tide levels and making the sky look even more beautiful.

Sadly, that meant that I could not go take any photos of the awesomely lit night sky.

On my way to a friend's place though, I did click this picture.

I will wait for the next one and hope I still have the ability to take photos the next time this happens.

Moon is always super for me thought. Did you have a fun night out when the super moon was out?

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