Sunday, October 30

Slow? Me? Really?

Slow? Me? Really?, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Crocodiles defy science. Usually, anything that is heavy is supposed to be really slow. Heavier animals move slower than their lighter cousins. Lighter weighing animals find it easy to move around fast.

Crocodiles defy that theory. These cold-blooded predators are one of the fastest animals when it comes to snapping up their prey. Look at the water droplets you see so clearly. The photo was taken at 1/4000 shutter after the guy at this crocodile park provoked this giant with a stick.

Wikipedia says this about their danger to humans: The main danger that crocodiles pose is not their ability to run after a person but their ability to strike before the person can react.

Please don't buy any leather products made from crocodile skins. Their future generations will come back for revenge. Very FAST!!!

Angry Birds in real life

Angry Birds in real life, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I took multiple photos of this white rooster and trust you me, he looks angry in each and every one of those photos.

i think the green pig at the farm I saw sheltered with wood, ice and stone structures earlier that day stole this rooster's girlfriend's eggs. He asked me if I had a slingshot and I said "no" to which he said "Why do you use a Blackberry? Only if you had iOS or Android powered phone. I am so angry. Thanks anyways!" and turned away.

(I clicked this at a fruit farm in Desaru, Malaysia and love how the white hair on the red crown is so nicely captured by the 50mm prime lens I borrowed from a friend before the trip.)

I am not in love

I am not in love, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I clicked this at a recent trip to Desaru Fruit Farm. They give you a little tour of the farm when you go and make you sit thru a few sales presentation and serve lunch. This was clicked between the sales presentation and the lunch.

I was setting myself up to take a picture of the background and this girl magically appeared right when I hit the button on my camera. She walked by, checked herself out in the mirror, used the wash basin there and walked to where lunch was being served.

I love how the lens made the rough wall appear blur because the contrast with razor sharp clarity of the mirror gives it a nice effect.

I have a photo of me in that mirror too but I am sure this girl is a much better subject. :)

Saturday, October 22

Fresh innovative ideas & vegetables

Necessity, historically, has been called the mother of invention. Costs, I think, can easily take the title of father.

A vegetable vendor in a wet market took a Sprite bottle and a mini pump and turned it into this.

The vegetables on sale looked so fresh and were probably gone in a few hours thanks to low cost innovation.

Re-using that plastic bottle is good for the environment too. Win-win-winnovation.

Dead & Alive (disturbia)

Dead & Alive (disturbia), originally uploaded by G2clicks.

One of the most distrubing photos (for me), this was taken at a wet market in Kuching (Malaysia). Look at how the alive chicken is looking at the dead chicken hanging upside down. It even took a stab at it with its beak in the next frame but that one is even more disturbing.

For humans, death is a very sad & scary moment and the only time people saw a lot of dead bodies was during a war.

Death is not that big a deal in the animal / bird world I guess. They learn to live with it without getting emotional.

Emotions make us humans. Don't they?

The Mahatma gone fishing

The Mahatma gone fishing, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I can claim that I have seen the Mahatma.

Look at this man in the photo. He bears more than a striking resemblance to Mahatma Gandhi, India's non-violence champion. It would look like a photo from Gandhiji's real life when turned into black & white.

(clicked while touring Kuching river in a boat cruise last month)