Sunday, November 21


Welcome!, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Restaurants in Singapore (and I have seen this in Malaysia too) put a fat guy holding a menu or pointing to the restaurant menu.

This small restaurant in Little India in Singapore had a very interesting 'fat guy' figure. The guy was dressed like an old Indian man. He even had a 'dhoti' on. The wall behind has feedback from customers.

The place had 'awesome' written all over it but I had no time to sit and eat. I clicked this & walked away.

Sunday, November 7

Awesome twins

Awesome twins, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I clicked two separate photos of the 2 medals and collaged them in Picasa. These are the medals I got from the blood bank for my 5th & the 10th donation.

The 5th donation medal looks nicer in my opinion. They are the same size but one looks bigger because of how close I got while taking the photo.

Got yours? :P

Go G2!!!

Go G2!!!, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Someone once told me "blood donation is the easiest way to help the community". I have tried to remember that and have tried donating blood as often as I can.

Last month, I reached my 10th donation in Singapore this year and the blood bank sent a text saying I need to come down and collect medals. I was so excited and went to collect em today. The staff took this photo for me.

I am going next week for my next round of donation but couldn't wait for another week to collect this. After almost a year of doing this I think I can safely say "blood donation is the easiest way to help the community".