Friday, May 13

Bucket List...err just buckets

Bucket List...err just buckets, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Just today I called up another photo hog friend of mine to do a photo project related to bucket lists.

The number of items on my bucket list change based on my mood. One of those that I hope happens some day is a Wikipedia entry for me for something awesome that I do.

I am sure I will get to 'check' the box next to that one and a lot of others. What is on your bucket list?

Faith in the system

Faith in the system, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I can't swim so I am not the most comfortable when you tell me to walk on a bridge made out of wooden planks loosely supported by wooden bamboos that shakes with every step you take.

Houses in this island village are built on stilts and these bridges are their roads. I have seen kids run on these, adults ride their mopeds, walk with confidence after downing unbelievable amount of beer.

They can do all this because they have "faith in the system".

Saturday, May 7

Odd jobs

Odd jobs, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

In this Indonesian island village that I recently visited, people have a very different life.

I met a cop who runs a burger push cart in the evenings, a TV repair shop owner who makes more money betting on football (with whom I watched Arsenal clobber Manchester United live), etc.

Trishaw is a very eco-friendly and a very popular mode of transport here because there were only 2 cars in the entire vilage (1 ambulance and 1 private pick up truck) and people have boats parked in their backyards.

Don't you love how cool this looks?

The (boring?) life at sea

The (boring?) life at sea, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Life at sea can be a little boring sometimes.

This guy looks thoroughly bored as his mate drives the boat across long patches of blue water to reach their destination and pick up the next set of people or cargo.

Long time at sea can make you a very philosophical person introspecting a lot about everything in life.

Friday, May 6

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing , originally uploaded by G2clicks.

If you were to guess when this photo was taken, you would say "1985", "1964", "1989", etc. It was taken in 2010 last weekend in Indonesia.

It is not your fault though. You see a trishaw, a black and white photo and a man who looks really old fashioned.

Next time, don't believe everything you see.