My 2% Theory

A quick Q & A:
Q. How big is 2? A. Not very.
Q. How big is 2%? A. Duh. It is 0.02. You tell me!
Q. Do you think that this small number can make a difference? A. Not really. Do you?
Q. I think it can. Do you want to figure out how? A. No Thanks. Why don't you explain it to me Einstein?
A. OK. Here it is:

There are 6.8 billion people in the world (July 2008). There are 24 hours in the day (May 2010). That is more than 163 billion hours being lived every single day. 2% of this is 3.2 billion hours.

Now think about taking an hour out of your life and spending it for someone else, for someone who needs help. Imagine you went to an old age home and made a few lonely people smile, imagine you spent time tearing ticket stubs at a theater company's show because they can't afford to hire people but love their art and any help made them stay in business for another show/day/month/year, imagine you went to an orphanage and taught someone someone a card trick that your dad taught you, etc etc etc

Now imagine 3.2 billion such hours. That has the potential to change the world. I know that everyone can not give time. Apply the same principle to money. Imagine if you donated 2% if your money to charity. Imagine if everyone else did too. A whole lot of small things can make big things. A lot of tiny drops of water put together is the ocean. A lot of tiny stars in the sky is a galaxy. A lot of tiny good things is a better world.

So my point is

Give 2% of your time and money and the world will be a better place to live in.