Thursday, June 30

Heavy hangs the head that wears the turban

A turban (called safa) is a very common wedding wear for men in Rajasthan. It is made out from a single colorful strip of cloth.

The groom wears an elaborate one and other men at the wedding wear something simple like this little kid in the photo.

His 'safa' here is bigger than his face and I couldn't stop myself from clicking this.

Sunday, June 26


Tipu, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Indian village life is very different. Tipu's father runs a men's salon in my friend's village. He was at my friend's house giving him a shave before one of the wedding ceremonies.

His son, Tipu, who normally is out there playing with his friends had no choice but to take care of the salon.

Guess what, he is 12 years old and just about 4 feet tall. His height made it very difficult to shave my beard but he did a decent job.

I hope he doesn't have to spend too much time at the salon at his age.

"Hang on. It will be over soon."

Hindu wedding ceremonies usually have the 'baarat' ceremony where the wedding procession from the groom's house dances its way to the bride's house. The groom sits on a horse (a mare). Loud music is usually played and people burst firecrackers in front of the horse which sometimes gets difficult for the horse to handle.

Here you see the horse's master trying to pacify her. She clearly looked very disturbed with all the noise and the crowd.

This was taken at my friend's wedding in Rajasthan last month.

Thursday, June 23

No Chicken and Egg story here

No Chicken and Egg story here, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

What came first: the chicken or the egg? Nobody knows. Tell me in comments if you do.

Everybody knows that the warning sign above should be the other way around: "Obey The Traffic Rules to Save Life".

Per the above sign, what if you save life and the life you saved does not follow the traffic rules? See how easily I created another chicken and egg story.