Sunday, January 30

Two is better than one

Two is better than one, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

This weekend has been one rainy one and I had to cancel my cycling, trekking, and almost everything else outdoorsy that I had planned.

The fact that there were 2 umbrellas made me click this. I don't think I would have clicked if there was just one. I love how the water on the window parapet is reflecting the red color back.

The Australian Open Tennis men's final should be a good end to this lazy weekend.

Sunday, January 23


Biryani, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Recently, I took some pictures for my friend who is writing a book about food. We took pictures of roti pratas of different types, biryani, mee goreng, etc. This food traveled to Singapore with the Indian Muslim community that migrated to Singapore from the state of Tamilnadu.

Having finished an early lunch, all I can think of is food right now.

Your stirrer is my spoon

Your stirrer is my spoon, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

It was cold in Genting Highlands (in Malaysia) and me and my gang had to stop on and off for hot drinks. The kids were wearing really cute caps and hats to keep themselves warm.

This kid at one of the coffee shops had this cute bear cap on. Look how instead of sipping hot chocolate out of the spoon, he decided to use the stirrer. Very cute!

Friday, January 14

Beautiful Abundance

Beautiful Abundance, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

People in Punjab (India) and other parts of India are celebrating the harvest festival of Lohri today (January 13, 2010).

A farmer's festival, Lohri, is celebrated to thank God for a good harvest.

Hope this Lohri brings with it an abundance of happyness in your and my life.

(I was going thru my photos and thought this best reflects abundance. I clicked this at Bukit Timah nature reserve in Singapore a few months back.)

The entire population of Bombay in one photo

Naah. Maybe not the entire population but look at the number of people waiting to board the train at Dadar train station in Bombay.

Bombay relies heavily on the network of trains which is under so much more pressure than it can take. The growing population has meant degrading standards as you have to share your space with so many more people.

In my opinion, it is the spirit of the people to keep going that drives these Bombay trains more than anything.

Generation Next

Generation Next, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

The one thing that is on everyone's mind while posing for pictures, going out, meeting people, eating out, celebrating, mourning, on festivals, etc is FACEBOOK. Everyone is constantly thinking how this photo will look on facebook, will eating at place X make me look cooler, etc.

I clicked this picture of my little cousin when I was home last month. I hope Daksh and the rest of his generation do not get entangled in the world of www and live a fruitful and sustainable lives.

I love how he is looking at the camera. I hope he is not thinking how this will look on Facebook ;-)

Wednesday, January 12

7 Eleven minus Four

7 Eleven minus Four, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I love when people try and rip-off a popular brand and do it with pride.

This was a departmental store at the Cable Car station on our way to Genting Highlands.

For those of you who don't know, 7 Eleven is the super popular store that is open 24 x 7 wherever it exists.

There but not quite there

There but not quite there, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

The good part about using a DSLR to take photos is the ability to customize things like shutter speeds.

Usually, the camera sensor records all light that comes in when the shutter is open. With a DSLR, you can control how long you want to leave the shutter open.

This is a very useful feature to capture photos in low light, take photos of fireworks, etc.

I clicked this at Genting in Malaysia.

Confused Love

Confused Love, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I love this picture. I clicked this while waiting for the train when I was in KL earlier this month.

I don't know what I love about this photo but I want to keep looking at it. I love the long train track and the mini water reflecting back a small part of the clear blue sky with a few bright white clouds.

I am still confused what I really love about this photo but I simply love it.