Recent Photo Project

 May 2011

My friend Dev and I invited some of our friends and spoke to a few strangers on the streets of Singapore and got them to write 1 item from their bucket list. We then took their photos and this is the result. 

Here is the elevator pitch we used for this project. 

 "Have you ever postponed buying something close to your heart? Have you ever looked at someone and said "I would love to be that guy"? Have you ever wanted to go skydiving but you thought that is for that flamboyant kid from your school's athletics team? Have you ever danced like crazy inside your head in a club but not moved an inch for real because you never learned tango growing up as a kid?

What is on your bucket list? What is it that is close to your heart, you always wanted to do it, but you never could? We are sure there are a lot of things on the 'before I die' list. Time to pull out that list and tell us one thing that is written in big bold letters on your bucket list." 

December 2010

I got my inspiration from New Year Seattle (2011) who got their inspiration from New York Resolutions (2010). So I created New Year Singapore.

The idea was to go out and get people to write their 2011 resolution on a piece of paper and take their picture with it. For me, I recently bought a camera and my 2011 resolution is to learn how to use it better.

The result is New Year Singapore and a lot of fun along the way. I hope this acts as a photo reminder to everyone who was part of it and I hope for myself that I learn from mistakes made here and get better at photography.

If there are other cool ideas you have for photo projects, leave me a message here and let's go do it together.

Happy 2011 & hope you can keep up your resolutions for this year