Saturday, December 5

Thats Simple. I will remember that.

Human memory is fantastic. We humans remember alphabets which we learned when we were young, we remember all our school stories at the reunion but lets face it elephants are huge, have a brain the size of our intestine (or even bigger) and science has proved that they have awesome memory.

I think someone should go tell the Singapore National Parks board that they are in charge of parks and all that but only humans read notices that they put up on the notice board and that only humans have email addresses and that only humans can send them emails and that only humans know that this is the new age and that only elephants have elephant's memory.

Look at the email address in the picture I captured at one of the parks here and think about really long email addresses you have seen. I bet you wouldn't have seen any email address longer than the one in the picture (in green color).
I wonder how many emails the National Park board has received on this email address. I wouldn't even login if this were my email address. At times when people just mention their twitter handles to contact them, only geniuses in the government can come up with an email address like this.

PS: As I re-read the post and re-look at the email address, I don't think it is very difficult to remember but I have written the post so I will post it anyways.