Friday, December 23

Why grow up?

Why grow up?, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I look at this little kid and I see happiness, joy, contentment too. The little boy is so happy by a fountain splashing water on him. That is all it takes for kids to be happy.

We grow up and everything changes. Materialistically, I have had my best year yet. I have the best computer, top of the line cell phone, I traveled, etc but if you ask me, right now, if I am happy, my answer will be "no. I don't think so.".

Isn't that reason enough not to grow up? Given a choice, I wouldn't want to grow up. I would rather be that child than the fat guy behind the camera.

Should I get a macro extender?

Should I get a macro extender?, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I clicked this photo using a macro extender that fits with my normal Nikon lens. I am wondering if it a good investment to buy this piece of equipment.

I love the effect this little piece of equipment created on that calculator.

What do you think?