Monday, February 13

Take us spinning

Take us spinning, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Hear this, according to the Tibetan Buddhism, spinning such a wheel will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers.

Interestingly, Wikipedia says "the idea of spinning mantras relates to numerous Tantric practices whereby the Tantric practitioner visualizes mantras revolving around the his heart and other chakras of the body. Therefore, prayer wheels are a visual aid for developing one's capacity for these types of Tantric visualizations." SHOCKER!!! I never knew those wheels had such a deep meaning.

Think about this the next time you go to a monastery!!!

140 my foot!

140 my foot!, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Our generation is obsessed with documenting every thought and Twitter is the weapon of choice. I remember a time when 160 characters weren't enough for a text message and people wuld wrt lyk this to fit as much as possible. With Twitter, you only get 140 characters but people write really witty things in just 140 characters.

Some researchers are worried that our attention spans are growing shorter because of reading short content on social networks. According to them, I would have lost 90% of you by this point but I am sure you are reading so I will keep writing.

Remember to read books, newspaper articles, magazines, etc to keep your attention span in check. Also remember to get others around to do it too. Most importantly, remember to share this on Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / any other social network of your choice now. Will you?