Thursday, November 29

Complete the incomplete this Christmas, will you?

There is something magical about toys or about the (almost) unbiased imagination of children. Teddy bears become babies, stuffed dogs start to understand almost any language, toy cars start honking, robots become judgmental, elephants start riding baby prams and tears are shed when a stuffed cow's stitching starts coming off. Toys come to life.

Toys become part of the family. They become best friends with children who's both parents go to work and who's grand-parents are too old to become friends and who's hearts are almost constantly full of energy like there is Red-Bull flowing thru their systems instead of red blood.

For the kids in this photo, that doll is what they want to become. That doll is their sister who watches the world go by with them from the same sidewalk every day as the mother sells some street food all day long.

Look around. Don't you have spare toys that just decorate your office desk or toys that just collect dust in your room? Give 1 away this Christmas. Someone will bring it 'back' to life. Complete a family this Christmas, will you?