Thursday, September 30

Shadows in the world we living on

When there is no one around to take your photo but you are so attention hungry that you want to be in a photo very badly, take your own photo by standing under the sun with your camera.

This doesn't work very well in the night so please find someone to take your photo and stuff you need thereafter ;-)

Starfish on Starfish

Starfish on Starfish, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I couldn't resist placing the first starfish on the second.

Art lessons in school is where we would throw one geometric shape on another for the picture to look interesting. This was doing the same thing in real life and not on paper.

Lonely Star I mean Starfish

Lonely Star, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

It was one of those days when the light was perfecto for taking these pictures. I have a couple more awesome starfish photos taken at the same place.

This one also will fit in the "wallpaper extraordinaire" category like the other one.

Main aur Meri Tanhayee

Main aur Meri Tanhayee, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

A scene from one of those 'Main aur Meri Tanhayee' days ;-)

Poor Devdas is sad because Chandramukhi & Paaro refuse to change their relationship status on facebook.


Passion, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Sports bring out passion like nothing else.

Take a look at this casket that a Ferrari fan carried to the Sepang GP (2010). He was wearing a matador's outfit and had a hat on that read "Matador Alonso Kills Red Bull".

Sepang is one of the nicest F1 race to attend because of the passion that people bring to the circuit.


Yahooooooooooo!, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Another experiment.

This time it was the Yahoo wire-manager (to manage flow of wires at your office desk) and candles burning in a tiny glass.

Clicked at a fantastic party hosted by Yahoo for my team in Singapore. We love you Yahoo.

Growing up or Growing old?

Growing up or Growing old?, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

A quick photo from my 25th birthday celebration last weekend.

Ooh and also in the photo, The Awesome Cake and some smelly scotch (Chivas Regal or something). The cake was for me and the drinks were for my buddies.

Growing old is mandatory. Growing up isn't! ;-)


Reflections, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

There is something about these 'reflection' pictures I love. I love how still water reflects everything back just like a mirror would.

I think I am going to click a lot of photos with such settings so shout out if they get boring and I will avoid posting them. I will still go out and click em though :-)

Wednesday, September 29

How to Party err Potty in Indonesia

A picture is worth a thousand words and this picture is worth a million mentions because it teaches one how not to party err potty ;-)

Clicked by a friend in a men's wash room in Batam (Indonesia).

Monday, September 27

Unusually Usual

Unusually Usual, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

This is no flood scene. This is from an island village where houses were built on stilts, the lane to walk was built of wooden planks and there were people actually riding their bikes on it while I was scared the first few meters of my walk with water on both sides.

I celebrated Hari Raya (Id) with a friend's friend and their family in this Indonesian Island village.

A Door Bell but a little different

I recently visited this island village in Indonesia where life was very different and houses were built on stilts and people were very friendly and everything was very antique of sorts.

This doorbell (not electric if you notice) was fairly loud for its size but I wonder if it is used at all. The doors to many houses were open most of the time. I had a wonderful weekend there.

There but not quite there

There but not quite there, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I was at the Singapore River near Esplanade and decided to try running in front of the camera and snapping out of the frame at the next moment.

Looks spooky in a nice way or umm nice in a spooky way maybe.

Lantern at the Lantern Festival

Lantern at the Lantern Festival, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Lantern festival is a very colorful festival where kids walk around with paper lanterns lit with burning candles inside.

The day, where I clicked this photo, was perfect. There was traditional Chinese music in the background, loads of colorful lanterns, people distributing moon cakes and everyone having a good time.

Gateway to Whateverland

Gateway to whateverland, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

You could look at this as a puddle of water or you could look at it as the earth opening up a gate to whaterverland which will let you escape from this world into a world like Terabithia, Narnia, Hogwarts, etc.

Right when I saw this puddle, all I could think of was these movies and the other worlds if there are any.

Upside Down

Upside Down, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Looking at this egret sitting on that rock was nice and I took some photos zoomed into the bird.

I noticed the water was still and I could capture good reflection photos. Here is the result.

This was taken at the Japanese Garden in Singapore which is a wonderfully peaceful place.

Friday, September 24


Starfish, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I call this the wallpaper extraordinaire. Look closely. The picture is badly focussed but there is a certain calmness it brings every time I see it.

I think this is my wallpaper at my work and home computer and has made me efficient too. I put very few items on my desktop thanks to this.

Tuesday, September 21

Cat napping

Cat napping, originally uploaded by G2clicks.
You think you are the only ones at peace at a place of worship? I was at a monastery and couldn't look away from this cat. Very close to the huge Buddha statue, this cat was at peace.

The photo could have been better but I did not want to get too close & wake her up.

Sunday, September 19

A mummer - the oldest, simplest and the most interesting character ever

A mummer is one of the oldest entertainers and there is something about a mummer that still catches your attention every time you see one. The little kid has probably never seen one before in her real life as most of her and her friends' life are now spent online.

Do take your kids outdoors every time you get a chance. They will see, hear and learn a lot of new things and experience the outdoors a little more every time.

"Daddy Daddy, I can't see the clown"

Look how many father's have their young ones on their shoulders at a street performance. I don't have kids but this love for one's own little version must be a wonderful feeling I am guessing.

Thats a Sale!!! (Unforgettable Signs)

Wouldn't you just buy from this store? The sign is so convincing, isn't it? 'Bloody Good Price'

PS: The photo is not clear because I am still learning how to take good photos. This was taken in a night market in Penang, Malaysia and my buddy was asking me to make it quick because we had a cab to catch :)

Bird 'Watching You'

Bird 'Watching You', originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Look at how the pigeon was looking at me when I was taking this. I was a few meters away and clicked this on full zoom. It was a rainy day and the bird was trying to dry up.

Monkey said "I asked for a doctor not a fat photographer"

Nature speaks and this monkey's expressions speak of how very little is done for thir kind. At Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, one of the brochures said that these monkeys are 'permanently' put to sleep if they get aggressive in public places. What a shame!