Wednesday, October 7

Simple life, tough choices

I reuse plastic bottles, jars, etc at home and everyone should. Reuse, reduce and refuse is what will help us not increase the amount of plastic that is already out there.

Recently, I had to make a decision which was not easy. I had to choose between two things and it was one of the most difficult thing to do. I might sound like a reality tv show's judging panel but sometimes it is difficult to pick one from two.

I love Nutella but have you seen the Nutella jar. It has the most weird shape in the history of jars. It is slim all the way up but suddenly at the collar it gets extra plastic muscles or bones or whatever so that the round cap fits on top. What can you do with such a jar? I discard the jar every time, don't reuse it.

The other day at the supermarket was when I had to pick between mother nature and taste buds, another plastic jar out in the dump yards or another round of tasty hazelnut spread all over my bread, another thing with unlimited useless life polluting the environment or another thing which will pass thru my mouth in thirty seconds but ooh what thirty seconds those will be.

I gave in. I picked Nutella instead of giving up eating it. Actually, I took middle ground. Instead of buying the tiny jar, I bought the big jar which will be sent to pollute the world only half the number of times the tiny jar would have been sent under the assumption that my rate of consumption remains the same which is slightly unlikely but at least the intention and the approach is scientific and to some extent green.

Moral of the story: Reuse, reduce and refuse but if you love something that might harm the environ, give in and make sure you go green in other aspects of your life to balance the quantity of injury you cause to this environment. Remember, your actions will impact what the future generations get and if you crib about the previous generation then it is time you take steps so that gen next doesn't crib about you. Break the chain, change the game, you don't always have to be the same (unintentionally, the poet just jumped in...I think a poem is in the making).