Saturday, May 30

Limerick or Haiku?

On that cold winter day
they were walking down the hallway
he did not say what he wanted to say
and regrets it even today
from his window he can see her children play


 and from that day on in the month of May
he decided he is going to swing the other way
at an anti-Prop 8 campaign he met Ray
and is now married, happy and gay

Remember. There is always a choice. Always. 

Sunday, May 24

Why I stopped after my 4th round of ice cream?

You know why Spock had those crazy ears that he had? Because he is from Vulcan and they don't have ice cream there and lack of it can do that. Earth is the only planet with ice cream so if you are reading this, you better do something for this planet to live long and prosper. I was recently at Just Acia in Singapore. They are great people. Along with their really tasty food, they have free flow of ice cream, coffee and softdrinks.

I love ice cream and make sure my tongue gets some ice cream every day of my life so when I went to Just Acia and they said 'free flow of ice cream...' my head went whoa baby baby and I decided that I am going for 6 rounds of ice cream and getting 3 scoops per round and will eat my meal in between.

I ordered this Korean Kimchi Soup with Rice that you see in the picture. The spoon was so cute. If you notice the base of the spoon is not at the usual 180% with the handle, its at
90%. Pardon the picture quality, I used my cell phone camera. Getting back to the story, I got my first round of ice cream and finished it even before my food came. Then the food came but finished one more round before I started with my meal. Ice cream was my meal and the food was just side dish to be eaten in between ice cream. The soup was really tasty though and I am so glad, that was the only thing vegetarian on the menu.

Now you would wonder why I would stop at 4 when I decided on 6 rounds. Let me tell you there was place in my stomach and unfortunately there was place for other tables in this restaurant. Right across our table was a bunch of 8th grade girls who were enjoying their meal like good school kids should but when they finished their meal, it was time for ice cream and I agree that the ice cream was really tasty but it was definitely not a turn on in any way. These girls started giggling, screaming and making orgasmic noises while feeding each other ice cream. They assumed that everyone else around is deaf or dead or too bored to react or too tired to care or too generous to forgive or too gay to find it cute. I was none of those and was really annoyed and irritated. I tried focusing on the ice cream but could not and when I was thru with with my 4th, I had to throw in the towel, well paper towel, and decided to leave and for those few mintues, I wished my home was on planet Vulcan but then again you don't get ice cream there & I think I might not look very cute with those long pointy ears and ladies, for the love of God (from Earth or Vulcan), STOP FAKING IT!!!!

Thursday, May 7

I am not the only thing that looks good...

I not only look good, I cook food that looks good too. When I started, I would mess up even something as simple as microwaving noodles. Not that I am some super cool cook ready to quit my day job and do cookery shows on tv, I am just happy I cooked something that not only tasted good but also looked good. Here is what I cooked the other day...

and rewarded myself with this...

Friday, May 1

Men, Math & Cooking...

I usually don't cook and am very bad in the kitchen. I have almost set the kitchen on fire a few times (shhh...don't tell my roommates...they don't know) during my attempts to cook. 

The other day, I called up my mom to ask how one should make fried potatos. She told me to put it on low flame for 15 minutes. I was really hungry, very lazy, impatient and I am a guy with slightly above average math skills. I told myself, 15 mins @ low flame = 5 minutes @ high flame = less work = awesome. It did not turn out awesome because god forgot math when He (yes He) designed potato's DNA. Women, if you observe, are good at things where math skills are not required like gossip, shopping (they never look at those numbers on the price tag), and cooking. Yes, for all those ignorant men out there, I am no genius and that above formula (which I thought will make me the next Einstein) does not work. The potatos got overfried and it took me 10 mins to wash the pan and 10 hours to digest that food.

I am getting better at cooking thought. I cooked food again today and it was very tasty. I will put pictures of that in the next post. So if you are in the neighbourhood, drop by and I can cook you a meal.