About Photudiary

I take pictures. I like to talk. The world has weird things. Capturing them on camera and talking about these makes for interesting conversation. Put all the above together and you will know why this blog exists.

I take photos and love it if my pictures tell an interesting story but I am so bad with photography that the pictures don't tell the story. So I write about the pictures I take.

That is what the blog is about. It is about pictures and stories about those pictures. I don't stand in art galleries wondering what the painting / photo is about and I would hate to put people through that misery. This blog makes it easy to understand what the fantastic photos I take are about.

I hope you enjoy reading. Leave a message at jitendra (dot) amesar (at) gmail.com or follow me on those social networks. I am not making it easy for you to find me. Here's a hint: Use a combination of my name and family name. You might just get lucky and add the wrong person.

- Jitendra Amesar