Saturday, November 28

One way street

Some of the most profound thoughts do not make sense when you read them the way they are but add a real life example and it all makes sense. A lot of proverbs do not make any sense at all and you wonder what made someone make a disillusioned statement that does not make any sense at all but then there are instances in your life which are almost the most perfect application of that proverb or that profound thought that never made sense when you read it.

I did not come across anything profound. Nothing depressing happened in my life leave alone anything depressing happening related to any proverb.

I just came across this signboard at a park while walking through this popular tree-top bridge. The bridge had a fixed capacity and was built to not handle weight beyond a certain limit so they put up this signboard to manage the flow of traffic on the bridge.

Think about life and read the same signboard and it still is as applicable as it was on that wobbly tree top bridge. I think it is more applicable to life and how it is so complicated and how there is so little under our control in spite of us trying to control everything that we do. Here is the sign. I will leave it for you to do the deep thinking from here on. If it does not make any sense right now then it will make some sense some day when some thing happens.

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