Friday, January 8

Its a sign.

Once upon a time, there were two students. The Queen had a lot of influence on these two students and many others on this side of the globe. At one of the sessions their teacher said "Remember students. What I am about to say has a lot of practical applicability so make a note of what I say today and see where you can use it. 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. All the best".

Lets now look at a random piece of work done by these two students and see how well they have applied what they were taught.

Student 1:

Student 2:

Student 1 was in charge of a natural reserve in Singapore and student 2 was in charge of one of the most important museums in Hyderabad.

For some reason, student 2 assumed 2 things:

1. People carrying 'Arms Ammunition' would visit this museum
2. Audience from assumption 1 above read notice boards wherever they go so it is very important to leave very important messages for this very important audience at the notice board

I hope more places have their 'NO...' signboards using pictures / images. This will eliminate writing something in multiple languages. I am a very lazy person and am always in favor of anything that reduces the amount of work that one might have to do. One notice board with pictures instead of 3 notice boards (one in local, regional and national language for example) will mean less work and efficiency too. Say no to 'NO...' signboards with text.

PS: Unlike popular novels or movies, there were only 2 idiots in the class. The 3rd writes this blog and has a very normal surname. Kareena are you listening? ;-)

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