Sunday, January 17

'Mind' the gap

People say it is difficult to understand women and what they are thinking. I came across something that makes me think that how human mind works is simply unfathomable. It is the smartest thing ever made and must have taken a super genius to come up with something as smart as a human mind. No wonder we are the reason why life on this planet is so different.

Yesterday I had a morning dream. It was one of those dreams that you get right before you get up or as you will find at the end of this essay that it was one of those dreams that makes you get up and do something. I know scientists say that dreams shouldn't be interpreted and you should forget your dreams but it is a little difficult to put that into practice given the fact that I get such interesting dreams.

My landlord is moving out. He sold his house last month and in another month there will be a new family living in the house. In this dream, it was the day he was leaving the house for good. He had all his things ready to be packed into boxes. I was in the kitchen cooking a meal. He called my name and said he had things he wanted to show me. I left the kitchen and went to his room.

The room was a mess with things all around. He said, "This is the first thing I bought when I moved in" pointing to a grey color Ganesh idol. He went on and gave me a tour of things from different patches of his life, some from all the years he was a cop, some from his personal life, some about his family, etc. What do you think I was doing as he was telling me these stories?

I was trying to say 'yes' , 'wow', 'really???' , 'no way' for the different stories narrated by him but I found it difficult to speak. My voice was almost gone and there was something in my throat that did not let any sound come out. I acknowledged all the stories with a nod while holding my throat. He asked "What happened to your voice?" and all I could do was shrug my shoulders to show I had no idea what was happening.

I woke up and what followed was very strange but there have been more than a few incidents of this strange 'reality+' things going on in my life. I woke up holding my throat and I couldn't speak. There was no voice and something in my throat was not letting me speak. I picked up the bottle of water I always leave by my bedside before I go to sleep. After drinking some water, I found my voice back but those few minutes of almost being chocked and almost not having my voice made me realize how privileged we are that we can speak. Did you realize the weird part though?

The 'couldn't speak' , 'throat hurting' part was what was actually going on in my real life but this genius mind of mine put it in my dream as something I was experiencing in my dream. I woke up in my real life because of the throat ache part. My network of nerve system conveyed this to my brain but and my mind inserted it in my dream because it knew that my brain was watching my dream.

This is the same reason why your mum stands exactly between you and the tele when she wants to tell you something important. She knows that the tele is where your brain's lion share of attention is focussed on. Mums are smart just like the mind is and the mind is smarter than the brain. Don't ask me what mind is because I can't describe what it is but I know it exists.

There have been more strange things that my mind is doing. It shows me things that will happen in the near future and those things actually happen, it makes me think of a person in my dream and I see email in my inbox from the same person the next morning, etc. Which is why I call them 'Reality+' because I am unable to explain these things. They are unreal. They are more than reality. IMO they are 'reality+'


pure-atman said...

very very interesting how dreams can gatecrash out of sleep and affect us in this supposedly 'real' life...Jitendra Amesar, Welcome to the Beyond : ) ---ure still a 'wannabe' in writing 'serious' blogs though ; )

Anonymous said...

yeah...the writer makes sense but the language is so bad that it takes away the power and the energy from the content...