Sunday, January 24


To the G to the 2 to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S
To the G to the 2 to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S

Thats exactly how my recent experiment in the kitchen turned out to be. My landlord sold the house and is taking his refrigerator with him and asked me to clear all my stuff. It is loaded with my stuff because I love to eat and I hate wasting food so I have been hogging all weekend. To top it all, I decided to finish all the ice cream and instead of eating it just like that, I used a little magic. Here is the magic recipe:

Lets call the dish G2licious ;-)

  1. Take loads of your favorite chocolate ice cream and I mean loads of it
  2. Put it in a nice huge bowl
  3. Add loads of ice cream to the bowl and I mean loads of it
  4. Take the reddest apple you can find and cut it into pieces. Cut some pear too
  5. Add small pieces of pear and apple to the ice cream
  6. When you do this, you will find that the thing you are making doesn't look G2licious so repeat step 3 above
  7. Cut pieces of Chocolate Rum Cake (coz thats what I used) and add it on top of the contents already in the bowl
  8. Decorate with raisins. Call your mum and she will remind you that there is cashew at home too (coz thats what I did). She will also tell you that your idea of putting fruit yogurt would have bombed so good you called. Now, decorate with cashew and put the fruit yogurt back in the refrigerator
  9. Take two nice pieces of the reddest apple that you cut earlier and add it red side up parallel to pieces of chocolate rum cake
  10. Open the bottle of Cadbury Bournvita and sprinkle chunks of chocolate all over the stuff already in the bowl
  11. Take one tiny Nestle Dibs and throw it between the rum cake and the apple
(drum roll)

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you G2licious

(cheer leaders in the background singing: to the G to the 2 to the l-i-c-i-o-u-s [x 4])

Warning: I think this undid my work out for the entire month of January but I am hoping to play tennis regularly from next week on so I guess I can indulge a little.


Shanti said...

excellent Jitu. I'm proud of you, and your recipe :)

pure-atman said...

Unmatched spontaneity : )