Sunday, February 21

World Premiere - The G2 Show - Episode 1

NBC doesn't know what to do with their late night line up. A few months back there were awesome shows but suddenly Leno moved to primetime and Conan took over the Tonight Show and things haven't worked for both of them. Tonight, I thought I will give hosting talk shows a shot.

So welcome to the world premiere of the first of the many to come episodes of The G2 Show.

Here is the show logo that I designed this morning:

and here is the show recording:

Pardon the video quality. Professional equipments will be used when the show has sponsors.

Do leave your feedback and contact details of NBC executives. I will forward this to them and then Leno, Coco, Letterman and Kimmel can all take a break ;-)

Thank you once again to everyone who tuned in for the live show. You got to witness history in the making. Follow me on Ustream to get updates about when the next episode will be and how you can be on The G2 Show.

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Anonymous said...

too slow man...make it a bit more lively and fast... good luck!