Sunday, August 30

Some things don't go well together

I did a road trip with my friends in June across the Konkan stretch. I like the way life is in some of these places. No one is in a hurry to do anything. Meals are eaten and enjoyed unlike cities where lunch interrupts work and dinner is the last thing we do before setting the alarm clock for the next morning. I was happy to live the life their way when I was in Konkan.

We were at Amboli (a very beautiful hill station) on day 1 and had no idea what to do post lunch because we wanted to catch a glimpse of the sunset and sun doesn't set right after lunch. The place is known for great weather so there was pretty much nothing to do between lunch and sunset. We were sitting outside the police station which was right next to the place where we ate lunch. We saw some kids playing football and rushed to join them.

That is where I saw this car. I walked to take a closer look and I don't know who put a vodka bottle next to the car but someone did. I am an organized freak so my hand just reached for the bottle and put it on the car's bonnet. Then the photographer in me woke up and clicked this picture and yesterday the story teller in me did some work on the photo. Here is the final outcome:
Don't drink and drive. They don't go well together unless you drink only non alcoholic beverages. I hope Giancarno Fisichella did not drink too much after yesterday's qualifying because the pole position will not be of any use if he comes drunk to the race track.

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