Saturday, August 29

Sweet sound of happyness

Did you ever own a piggy bank? Do you remember the sound that those coins made when you would run everytime dad came home from work to ask him if he wanted to contribute to your bank? I used to open and count how much money there is on a regular basis and would stack all coins together based on their value and would keep the special ones different from the regular ones before adding em all back in. Like Uncle Scrooge, I loved the sound of MY coins. The only difference was I could not swim in my sea of coins like him.

Recently I picked up Hershey's chocolate chips recently. Wondering what connection this has with piggy banks? Here is the connection.

I keep these in my refrigerator and visit the kitchen like a gazillion times just to grab a few more so that watching TV is fun. Yesterday, I was singing a song on my way back from the kitchen to my room and I heard a sound. It was the sound of these chocolate chips jumping and tossing in my hands and trust me it was almost like the sound of coins jumping and tossing in a piggy bank. Almost like the sound MY coins made.

I wish I get death before I get diabetes because I don't think I can live happily without chocolates. Live your life. Don't hold back when it comes to doing what you love and eating what you want to eat unless you are living for someone else's happyness.

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pure-atman said...

Cheers to the Childish innocence you manage to thread your beads(words) on!