Friday, May 1

Men, Math & Cooking...

I usually don't cook and am very bad in the kitchen. I have almost set the kitchen on fire a few times (shhh...don't tell my roommates...they don't know) during my attempts to cook. 

The other day, I called up my mom to ask how one should make fried potatos. She told me to put it on low flame for 15 minutes. I was really hungry, very lazy, impatient and I am a guy with slightly above average math skills. I told myself, 15 mins @ low flame = 5 minutes @ high flame = less work = awesome. It did not turn out awesome because god forgot math when He (yes He) designed potato's DNA. Women, if you observe, are good at things where math skills are not required like gossip, shopping (they never look at those numbers on the price tag), and cooking. Yes, for all those ignorant men out there, I am no genius and that above formula (which I thought will make me the next Einstein) does not work. The potatos got overfried and it took me 10 mins to wash the pan and 10 hours to digest that food.

I am getting better at cooking thought. I cooked food again today and it was very tasty. I will put pictures of that in the next post. So if you are in the neighbourhood, drop by and I can cook you a meal.

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