Saturday, April 25

Have you ever been on the inside?

I am very bad when it comes to vocabulary. My brain will not process words which are not on the list of 5 year old kids' 'words to know' list. It is very selective and chooses words which will require minimum brainwave stimulation for recall and always tries to keep a list of 'most used words which usually make sense and have not got me in trouble so far' list so that there is even lesser brainwave stimulation in everyday communication.

Other than that my brain loves words which sound nice. It came across 'dilly dally' and there was instant love but it had no idea what it meant. When my brain heard those words, it was 4 in the afternoon on a boring Friday. That is the time when the brain is about to quit any attempt to take anything in. It is also the time when my brain prepares itself for the epic battle with time. It usually finds these 2 hours before weekend one of the toughest. There was instant reaction from my brain. It first instructed the fingers to type 'brb' in the chat window. I was talking to a co worker and my brain did not want me to look dumb by asking her what those words meant. Even in those lazy hours, my brain is always worried about my image and constantly works towards protecting the already set notion (that I am super smart and know so much more than others) about me. There is some portion of the brain dedicated for this task and it usually delivers great results.

Then this master brain instructed my fingers to type 'dilly dally' in the search box on Google. My brain relies a lot on Google and most smart comments that you would have seen me make on issues like war and why Barack Obama should go phatdippin are what someone smarter expressed on a website which was indexed by Google. This brain has never been so excited to do anything on a Friday afternoon but it was waiting for to reveal what this magical combination of sweet sounding words meant but the internet crashed. The brain started abusing the tech guy, it then started hitting the F5 key a few times before the button almost popped out of the keyboard like a popcorn. The internet was back and there was the answer in front of my eyes who passed it on to my brain.

So my brain found out that it practices 'dilly dallying' like all the time but did not know there was a word in the English language for that activity that it does. It always thought that it was the only brain in the universe doing it and because no other brain was doing it there probably wasn't a word for it. After the fascinating discovery came the weekend which was a good one in a long time. My brain is instructing my fingers to stop typing now...

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