Saturday, May 30

Limerick or Haiku?

On that cold winter day
they were walking down the hallway
he did not say what he wanted to say
and regrets it even today
from his window he can see her children play


 and from that day on in the month of May
he decided he is going to swing the other way
at an anti-Prop 8 campaign he met Ray
and is now married, happy and gay

Remember. There is always a choice. Always. 


Hamsini said...

I'm going with Limerick!

Abstrakx Wanderings said...

Uh sweetie, I love that you're out the closet, but unless you feel like embracing the great outdoors, I suggest you run back in 'cos I think I see a gay man following your blog already ;)

PS: I TOLD ya, better conversion rate!