Sunday, April 19

Moving on up, to the east side...

There is entertainment and there is internetainment. There is a web comedy duo thats making history and watching their show is like hanging out with friends. They make comedy web music videos and have a weekly show. I am talking about Rhett McClaughin and Link Neal from

I am a big fan of their weekly show. It is not a tv show. It is an internet show and thus the term internetainment which btw is not on Wikipedia. There is no fixed format and sometimes they just pick up a topic and start talking. Watching the kast (thats what it is called) is like sitting around a fireplace with your hommies and having a fun conversation. I even get a cup of hot chocolate milk or something when I watch the show every Saturday. It is telecasted on Thursday night from the US so weekend is the only time I can watch it.

This weekend, I youtubed a few old series' theme songs. I wouldn't do such a thing but on this week's show Rhett and Link spoke about old tv show theme songs. I was wondering if it was a good idea when I read the show preview page but when Rhett and Link do anything, it is always a good idea. They reviewed a lot of old tv theme songs, spoke about actors from those series and as usual, played some music. In fact, the subject line of this post is the title of the theme song for 'The Jeffersons' and Rhett and Link released a video of their version of the song. Check it out here. It is very peppy and has a very nice feel to it.

Rhett and Link do their show every week and it a must watch on my list of weekend things to do. They even have a wikipedia entry. I wonder if I will ever have a legit wikipedia entry. I hope I do and I hope it is for something great. If you are reading this, youtube some of your favorite tv series theme songs. I guarantee, it will be a good one hour or so of internetainment.

So if you are in the neighbourhood on a Saturday and are a Rhett & Link fan, be my guest. Food and (soft) drinks will be on me :-) and in case you don't have time to watch a lot of Rhett and Link material, let me know and I will tell you which ones are the funniest.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisment. I am not paid by Rhett and Link to do this. I wrote this post as a fan and because I am happy I am a Rhett and Link fan.

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