Sunday, July 26

Things that developed nations can do but developing nations can not...

Technology is an expensive resource because of which some things that are done in a developed country can not be done in a developing country.

I saw an example when I was at this bus stop. They now have technology where the government can paint glass and it still remains transparent. You can't see that it has been painted again. It looks just like it was before it was painted but the government wants you to know that it actually painted the glass. So what you see in the picture is what the government does.

It is like eating french food. You know you ate something. You paid a huge sum for tiny pieces of food. But you can't feel it in your stomach.

PS: The above act was not done by the French governement.

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pure-atman said...

Consider a Generic Comment. If there is a thing called Spontaneity, then you have it!. Awesome Stuff. (feeling threatned. Gotta work Harder haha)