Sunday, July 5

Child, you will be named Justin Case

If you are a parent and intend to send your child to school then please name your child something simple. What would you like more: a simple name and a special future or a special name and an unpredictable future? You might unwillingly put your child's career in jeopardy in your quest for a special-deep-meaningful-historic-philospohical-greek goddy name for your child.

If you are a discoverer in the quest for a new land, please note that we have discovered all new lands and there is nothing left for you to do. If you are an inventor then don't just think about how useful your invention is going to be. Take a step back and name your invention very carefully. You might want to consult a non-engineeer-non-mechanical-non-geeky-non-dorky person to name your invention. Please don't try to invent something and then name it too. You
can have a cake and eat it too but you can not invent something and name it too. That is just not recommended.

This is what happens when you invent something and name it too. I would have named it an
'Emergency Door Button' because it looks like a button.
I would name it 'Emergency Door Knob' because that is still better than naming it what it actually is named. This is there at the exit for most buses in Singapore and I laugh everytime I see this.

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