Thursday, February 19

This is what he told her

I am not a poet but I started writing this the other day. Its a poem but it is incomplete. The world is full of possibilities. There are so many things which are beyond our control but we still live everyday trying to control every minute detail in our life so that things go the way we want them to go not knowing that what is going to happen the next minute.

Coming back to my poem, see what I have written so far and see why human nature is so dynamic and so unpredictable:

you don't know how much i love you
you don't know how much i care
but I should learn to let go off you
holding on to you is not fair.

you see that mountain
that's my destination
and i know it seems too far
the road is rough
and the climb is tough
taking you with me sounds bizarre

I am unable to write beyond this because there are two possibilities that I see right away and I don't know which way I should go. What do you think? You can give it a 'i wanna stand with you on a mountain' ending where the boy takes the girl with her and tells her that he wants her to be with her when he gets on top and he wants her to be there and share the journey. You might be someone who would take the 'i love you a little too much and it will pain to see you take all this suffering for me' ending.

Pick one of the endings and finish the poem for me. I will host both versions of the complete poem here after which you will never see a poem on this blog. Akon should stop performing. Crazy ideas he puts in innocent minds.

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