Sunday, October 30

Slow? Me? Really?

Slow? Me? Really?, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Crocodiles defy science. Usually, anything that is heavy is supposed to be really slow. Heavier animals move slower than their lighter cousins. Lighter weighing animals find it easy to move around fast.

Crocodiles defy that theory. These cold-blooded predators are one of the fastest animals when it comes to snapping up their prey. Look at the water droplets you see so clearly. The photo was taken at 1/4000 shutter after the guy at this crocodile park provoked this giant with a stick.

Wikipedia says this about their danger to humans: The main danger that crocodiles pose is not their ability to run after a person but their ability to strike before the person can react.

Please don't buy any leather products made from crocodile skins. Their future generations will come back for revenge. Very FAST!!!

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