Friday, August 19

Not made at the assembly line (part 1)

Here is 1 of 2 photos I wanted to share tonight.

These tiny mud dolls are lined up like they are standing on a conveyor belt in a factory that makes thousands of these 5 inch toys every day.

In reality, they are all hand made by villagers in Rajasthan. Handicraft is an important source of income and employment for a lot of people in Rajasthan who are toiling hard to keeping the art alive.

I sometimes like to call this magic not art because how else can someone turn mud into this beautiful toy, bring it to life with colors, add lovely decoration and move on to make more such toys that look exactly like the previous one, like the one made yesterday, like the one made last month, like the one made last year, like how the last generation used to make these. Magic! Don't you agree?

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