Monday, February 21

Atlas Moth / Snake Head Moth

Atlas Moth / Snake Head Moth, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

At Ubin, an island off the coast of Singapore, I saw this giant Atlas Moth.

It is also called the 'snake head' moth because the top edge of both wings look like a snake's head and I thought there are 2 snakes when I first glanced upon this beauty.

FYI, moths are different than butterflies and Wikipeidia tells me that someone who engages in active moth watching is called a mother (sometimes spelled at moth-er to avoid confusion).

You should read the Wikipedia entry for this moth ( and moths in general for interesting facts(

Atlas moth surely is the mother of all moths and I mean mother in the way you know mother not the one I described above. :-)

Uploaded by G2clicks on 21 Feb 11, 12.22AM MYT.


pure-atman said...

nice pic, mr.advertising :D

Jitendra said...

interesting writing too right? I love the pun-da used...