Friday, September 30

Adam, Eve & lack of options...

I saw my brother put this joke on twitter. I shared it with my colleagues in the office who suggested I turn it into a comic. A quick 15 minutes with BitStrips and here it is. This is the funniest joke I have heard in recent history (last 6 months at least).

Imagine Russel Peters reading the joke if it doesn't sound funny with the characters below and remember to be creative. Always!!!

Wednesday, September 21

Dealing with Stupid!!!

Sharing a comic I made earlier instead of a photo today. I will leave the story out too. They say, a picture is worth a thousand words and you have 2 above so that is 2,000 words already. Don't complain that I talk too much now!!!

Hope you are not keeping your creativity inside. Let it go. Let it flow. I attended an advertising festival earlier this week and am inspired to be more creative every day.

Expect more. Expect different. Expect the unexpected.