Saturday, April 16

Thinking not looking

Thinking not looking, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

This baby orangutan's expression almost makes me feel like it isn't looking at where it is looking at. It is actually thinking about something.

I am not really sure how developed their brains are, but I sure know that orangutans are the most intelligent primates.

Wikipedia says "the word "orangutan" comes from the Malay words "orang" (man) and "(h)utan" (forest); hence, "man of the forest".

I wonder if this little man of the forest is really thinking about something. Hmmm.

Mother love

Mother love, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

Baby Orangutans are usually very close to their mother Orangutans while the father Orangutan tends to be more solitary.

I clicked this at the Singapore Zoo which has a collection of Bornean Orangutan which is 1 of only 2 species of Orangutan on our planet.

Mothers are the best in all species. Love you mom.

You will never know

You will never know, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

At a recent fashion show, this model was the prettiest of them all. I mean there was no other model with a better smile.

There is something mysterious about her smile. I feel there is something she is thinking about in her head maybe someone but you will never know and I will never know. It is a little secret that will keep haunting me till the day I die / give up.


Flying, originally uploaded by G2clicks.

I recently went to an open fashion show to take some photos and was on the right hand side of the ramp which is not the best place to snap some good photos.

Here is one where the model's walk was really elegant and the breeze was playing with her hair. She was almost flying.